Baby Basics, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit, 100% volunteer organization that provides and distributes diapers to babies of the working/near poor in the communities of Dedham and Needham, MA.

Baby Basics, Inc. believes that early intervention with infants is one of the best ways of preventing a later failure to thrive. By providing these babies with hygienic essentials, we hope to maximize their potential development.


Our History

The South Boston program started in 1997 and the Needham/Dedham site started in 2010. Since we started we have provided over 2 million diapers to thousands of babies!

The original founding site for Baby Basics was in Ridgewood, NJ in 1992. All existing programs have been established under the guidelines, mission statement and criteria formulated from this original organization. They operate under their own 501(c)(3)s and have separate operating boards.

For more information on these other locations or to find out more about starting a Baby Basics program, please visit or  contact: The Executive Director of the national program is Jean Ann Lynch.

Sister programs are in: